Power of an OS

inside your browser.

Transform the web into a new productivity tool. Run apps & games and manage files from any internet-connected device. Truely get the first-ever experience of continuing right where you left off.

Always familiar everywhere.

Get the same experience across devices with the new PlayOS desktop manager. It adapts to the environment it is presented. Got more space? PlayOS allows you to use windows that ressembles the classical desktop experience. Using a smaller device? PlayOS shows the classical full-screen app experience that mobile users got accustomed to.

There's an app for that.

We are committed to getting your productivity up to the highest level. PlayOS includes an integrated app store where you can find all your favorite apps and games. Quickly download the apps you like and start using them across al of your devices.

With great power comes great decentralization.

We believe in a future where you are the full ownership of your data. That's why PlayOS is committed to the decentralized web. The full project is open-source and available on Github. We host all code of PlayOS on IPFS enabling you to access it from anywhere in the world.

Coming soon to a server near you.

PlayOS is actively being developed on. But we are still not done yet. Are you interested in helping? You can support us by either donating or helping development on GitHub. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Donation ETH address: 0x42b904bcA15eb96488912456C17475ce33e0d3cF

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