The first cloud OS is here.

The platform for all your apps and games.

<span>The first cloud <strong>OS</strong> is here.</span>

The power of an OS, all in your browser.

PlayOS runs all it's applications in the browser so no matter what device you are using or where you are, PlayOS is there with you.

Continue right where you left off
Use your apps on multiple devices
App Store
One place to find apps and games
Progressive Web Apps
Built with the power of PWA

Play, Sync, Move, Repeat.

With PlayOS you never lose your progress in both apps and games. Start right where you left off. Best of all. It’s all out of the box

One platform to rule them all.

PlayOS runs in the browser this means you can access all your favorite apps and games no matter what device you are on. Aslong as you have a device with a browser PlayOS will be waiting for you.

The one stop for web apps and games.

Easily find all your favorite apps and games in the PlayOS store! It was never easier to find cross platform web apps and games.

Powered by Progressive Web Apps.

PlayOS support Progressive Web Apps as a first class citizen. Use the same PWA you already are have and expose it to all PlayOS users in just a few minutes!

Ready? Set.. Play!

Get started with using PlayOS for free!